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Senior Men's Membership

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Senior Winter Nets 2024

Senior Men's Summer Training 2024

Summer training will begin on Wednesday 17th April from 6pm-8pm at Otford

Senior Men's training runs weekly on a Wednesday night from 6pm at Orchard Field, Otford


The Senior Men's have a number of different teams, catered for individuals of all abilities. More information on each team can be found on the below links:


How to Join

Existing members (including Non-Playing Members) should use the link emailed to them to re-join / pay / donate for the new season or click on this link.

If you would like more information on how to join as a member, please contact Mark Poole. If you would like further information on the senior teams, please contact Ben Price. Both can be contacted via the contact page.



For the 2024 season, subscriptions will be as follows:

All members and guests are expected to adhere to the Club’s code of conduct, breaches may result in disciplinary procedures or even dismissal.

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